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Post  Maluck on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:43 am

*rules are subject to change"

I will set a prompt to begin with, the winner will be chosen by vote and they will get to choose the next prompt.

every Monday a new prompt will be given, Due date is the following Sunday... voting could become problematic for that, so we might need to have 2 set choosers for the first 2 so we are working on a buffer, I will keep updated on here who is the next chooser

Rules for choosing:

Keep is Specific, but open... make the prompt something that can generate lots of ideas. not something like "Space battleship" .... but something that a scene can be built around like "A duel at noon with unconventional weaponry"

if people don't agree that your prompt is fair, you will be asked to change it.

Rules for posting:

you can use any medium you want. there will be an official thread with the prompt, but feel free to make a thread with your works in progress. as we are all trying to improve here I want to see posting their WIP's and getting critiques and criticisms so that they can make the best they can make. ... you don't have to post your WIP's... but its strongly recommended that you do so that you can get the real win out of this, which is to improve your art.

I would like to see people mixing up their media too... but I won't force that as a rule

the main rule is:

HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE - take from it what you can, your not going to improve by hiding your work until its finished, this is only for fun and for your own benefit of learning something... so let yourself learn


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